No matter where you are in the life cycle of cross-cultural collaboration, Daniel Rickett offers workshops and consulting services to help you build and maintain a thriving partnership. Workshops can be held on-site or as webinars.

Getting Started*

For those new to ministry alliances, these services will help you clearly define the vision and values of your partnership. Building your cross-cultural partnership begins in these classes, with proven fundamentals, clearly defined vision, and clarified values.

  • Fundamentals of Partnership
  • Choosing the Right Partner
  • Discovering Common Ground
  • Establishing a Covenant Relationship

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Becoming Effective Partners*

Covenant relationships, not projects, lie at the heart of every thriving alliance. And changed lives occur only through the strength of the day-to-day relationship. Discover in these classes the tools to repair a strained relationship and to solve persistent issues. Learn the pitfalls to avoid, and use that knowledge to improve the relationship.

  • Getting the Relationship Right
  • Helping Without Hurting
  • Safeguarding Fiscal Integrity

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Evaluating the Partnership*

The decisive value of a partnership is the change it brings to people’s lives. So, how are ministry outcomes measured? How do you avoid simply “meeting needs” to instead build the capacity and sustainability of your joint venture? When is it appropriate to end a partnership? In these classes, gain all the tools needed to ensure that mature partnerships end well and leave partners stronger than when they started.

  • Tracking Progress & Measuring Results
  • Building Capacity & Sustainability
  • Renewing Commitment, or Parting Amicably

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Consulting Services*

As with all worthwhile endeavors, ministry alliances are launched with the best of intentions and the highest of expectations. Yet, somewhere along the way, some get bogged down by persistent issues — unmet expectations, unhealthy dependency, lack of accountability, disinterest, miscommunication, or even fiscal wrongdoing.

Whatever challenges your alliance faces, Daniel Rickett can objectively evaluate the alliance to find out what works and what doesn’t, and, most importantly, to help you solve issues threatening the effectiveness of the partnership.

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Through thoughtful assessments and real-time problem solving, our consulting service is highly participative and customizable. For more information, contact us.

*All classes offered as webinars and workshops