Becoming Effective Partners

Daniel Rickett understands how to make cross-cultural partnerships work, both for you and for your partner. Whether just getting started or well into a partnering relationship, you’ll gain in these classes clear, concise guidance in improving and safeguarding your ministry alliance. These classes are crucial for those currently in a ministry partnership.

Getting the Relationship Right

The number one problem facing cross-cultural partnerships is that expectations drift in different directions, pulled apart by cultural and situational differences. Even the best partnerships are subject to constant change in expectations. In this class, you’ll discover the fundamentals of building a mutually supportive and respectful relationship.

Helping Without Hurting

How can Christians from different economies work together in the gospel? What does it take to bridge the wealth divide to realize the unity we have in Christ? This class addresses the sensitive issues of giving and receiving money. And you’ll gain the necessary tools for avoiding unhealthy dependency.

Safeguarding Fiscal Integrity

There’s no getting around it! Money is often the source of frustration and mischief in cross-cultural partnerships. Fiscal integrity is a serious responsibility required of all ministries — but it doesn’t happen automatically. Fiscal integrity starts with a conversation between partners about commonly accepted standards of financial accountability. In this class, we’ll examine the financial operations of a cross-cultural partnership.