Evaluating Your Partnership

Successful and mature partnerships continually assess their progress by measuring ministry impact. Gain all the tools needed to ensure that your partnership either endures the test of time or ends well.

The following classes can be customized to apply to any point in a partnering relationship.

Tracking Progress & Measuring Results

The decisive value of partnering in ministry is the change it brings to people’s lives. By definition, any partnership gets some results, even if only some kind of effect on its surroundings. The question is, Are they the right results? Do they reflect shared values? Do they mark progress toward a vision? Do they indicate faithfulness to God? In this class, you’ll delve into the difficult subject of tracking progress and evaluating results in the work of the gospel.

Building Capacity & Sustainability

For many ministries, our skills and resources are no match for our dreams. It takes determination to build one skill upon another until the dream becomes a reality. Sustaining a vision for change, while building upon existing strengths, requires continuous inquiry into what works, what is energizing, and what lies beyond. In this class, you’ll explore the dynamics of building capacity through partnership.

Renewing Commitment, or Parting Amicably

It’s hard to have an authentic partnership when you see it as disposable. Still, different types of partnerships have different life spans, and all partnerships encounter change. In this class, learn the essential factors in deciding whether to redefine the relationship, or part paths.