Getting Started

Building your intercultural partnership begins here. The more clearly you can define the vision and values of your partnership, the better you can build the partnership to produce them. Get started with these classes.

Fundamentals of Partnership

Partnerships breathe life into churches that engage meaningfully with others in the global neighborhood. Ministries achieve greater impact through shared responsibility and sacrifice. Most churches know they need to partner; the question is, How do you do it well? This class introduces the fundamentals of partnering in the gospel, and it provides the assessment tools and checklists needed to begin well.

Choosing the Right Partner

The most important consideration in getting started is to choose the right partner. Finding a good match comes down to asking the right questions. Are you ready for partnership? Do you have the right chemistry with the prospective partner? This class offers specific questions to guide you in choosing the right partner.

Discovering Common Ground

One principle drives collaborative relationships: People cooperate when it’s in their best interest to do so. The problem is that we are not always clear about our own interests, much less the interests of others. Partnerships succeed or fail on the perception of the value gained or lost in the relationship. In this class, learn to identify the value perceptions that will make or break your partnership.

Establishing a Covenant Relationship

Covenants, not contracts, lie at the heart of kingdom partnerships. A partnership moves beyond contract into covenant when partners share an ongoing commitment to one another while serving a shared mission. In this class, we explore what it takes to walk alongside each other as members of God’s family, serving a mutually agreed-upon agenda.