• Ron Burdock

Like many Churches in North America we found ourselves questioning some of our practices in relating to indigenous brothers and sisters around the world. We had a sense of the fact that there was a different way, but we did not know quite what to do…..or just how to structure our conversations and relationships going forward. A continent wide search for wisdom led us to Daniel Rickett and his work on cross-cultural partnership. Daniel has been a gracious and insightful coach as we have walked through the gentle turns necessary to ensure that a paradigm shift both honors the legacy of our history and as well pushes us forward into the future.

Ron Burdock, Director of Global Outreach, North Park Community Church, London, ON

  • Paulo Johnson

Clearly, Daniel Rickett is one of the most gifted and knowledgeable people I know, when it comes to forming and sustaining effective mission partnerships. Long before it became popular, Daniel was engaged, for many years, in the painful learning curve of how to successfully develop strategic alliances with leaders from nations around the world. Solid principles emerged from the refining fire of his service in the trenches. In my opinion, any serious missions outreach today needs the assistance and coaching of Daniel Rickett— it simply would not be possible to endorse him too strongly.

Paulo Johnson, President Alteco (Amazon & Lowland Tribal Empowerment Coalition)

  • Kurt Kandler

When we started The 410 Bridge in 2006, I was introduced to two of Dr. Rickett’s books. We have used his core principles of cross-cultural partnership development as a foundation to our missions model. Since then, Daniel has become a friend, trusted advisor, and effective sounding-board for The 410 Bridge. Because of his years of experience and exposure to the developing world, he has provided The 410 Bridge with honest and candid feedback as we attempt to work with indigenous leaders to transform entire communities in East Africa and Haiti.

Kurt Kandler, Executive director The 410 Bridge

  • Paul McGuinness

Early in my career as a pastor, I knew that I wanted to walk the “partnership road” and move our church toward significant cross-cultural relationships. I just didn’t know where that road started or how to begin the journey. Daniel Rickett does. Not only does he understand the necessity of global partnerships but he also knows how to help people take the next step toward that way of life. Five years ago, he helped our church initiate our first global partnership. Today, I still look to him for insight and counsel in building strategic cross-cultural relationships. If you want to walk the path of international partnership, I can think of no better “Field Guide” than Daniel Rickett.

Paul McGuinness, Global Outreach Pastor, Parker Hill Community Church

  • Steve Nolen

Daniel Rickett facilitated a cross-cultural partnership summit that included Latin American and North American mission pastors. It was amazing to see how the two distinct cultural groups responded as they defined specific cultural and world-view differences that could easily impede communication and hinder intercultural partnership. With honest dialog, both groups were encouraged and were able to move forward in their understanding of collaborative ministry as Dr. Rickett led the groups to define the issues. I highly recommend his services to those engaged in cross-cultural partnerships.

Steve Nolen, Founder and president Conexion 10/40

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